Leasing Information

Montreux is a condominium community and does not market or lease rentals or apartments. Individual condo owners may lease or rent their units individually or through a realty service.

Association Rules Regarding Leasing:

  • Minimum of one (1) year lease
  • Three vehicle limit per condo
  • No Boats or Recreation Vehicles Allowed
  • Pets allowed with owner and association approval
  • Montreux does not have model units


Renting or leasing a condominium is similar to living in an apartment community, there are specific community rules and restrictions that will vary from one community to another. Tenants generally have full access to all amenities and enjoy most of the privileges available to the unit owners. Montreux is a large community with a variety of residents, a mix of full time owners and tenants, students and professionals, young families and retirees, who all make Montreux an enjoyable place to call home.

Rental Rates

  • Because each unit is leased or rented by individual unit owners, the rental rates will vary.

Do you conduct background checks?

  • Each unit owner or rental agency will have their own rental requirements and application processes.

How much of a deposit is required?

  • Deposit amounts will vary, and are determined by the individual unit owner. In most cases the deposit amount will be equal to one months rent.